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Your neighborhood butcher shop.



Sample Sandwich Menu: 

Buttered Radish : Shaved radish on baguette with hope creamery butter, sea salt & spicy greens

French Exit: Choice of salami, turkey or ham - or all three - on baguette with mustard, aioli & pleasant ridge reserve

Roast Beef: On baguette with beet horseradish, shaved red onion, butter, oil & vinegar

Pork Shoulder: Shaved cabbage and pickled mustard seed, on brioche

Grilled Cheese: Housemade American cheese & Provolone on brioche - kimchi optional

Turkey Melt: On brioche with butter, mustard aioli & house-made American cheese

Now Everyday! Lowry Hill Meats Burger: 4oz burger patty with house-made American cheese, caramelized onion, special sauce, lettuce and house-pickles on a brioche bun - order a double - with or without egg


Monday: Meatloaf Sandwich on brioche with curried ketchup & caramelized onions

Saturday & Sunday: Breakfast Sandwich on house-made english muffin with egg, melty cheese, Cry Baby Craig's hot sauce & shaved ham



buy lunch for the office!

We now offer sandwich delivery through Postmates!  Please call for today's selections & prices. 

(612) 999-4200



Fresh Cuts

We are a full service butcher shop, and accept requests for custom cuts. Just give us a call!

(612) 999-4200


Lowry Hill Meats focuses on old-world skills with a culinary background. We rely  on regionally sourced, ethically raised, clean, quality meats. Working directly with family farms and receiving whole animals gives us the benefit of preparing custom cuts, as well as dry aging, and several bone-in cuts that have fallen behind at your everyday supermarket.  

We take pride in our dry aged beef, skin-on pork, house-made sausage, and air-dried poultry. We love talking about what’s in the case, our cooler, or what you are looking to prepare.

Our Beef is sourced from Blooming Prairie Natural Beef in Blooming Prairie, MN, 100% pastured, naturally raised, antibiotic & hormone free, and finished on GMO free grain. We receive a whole or half steer weekly. Dry-aged for 2 weeks, a smaller hanging weight, and still being on pasture while being finished on grain gives this beef an amazing eating quality - intramuscular marbling - and tenderness with a clean finish.

Lamb and Goat:
Both sourced from southern Minnesota’s O’Neill Family Farm in Rushford (lamb) and Peter's Family Farm in Harmony (goat), 100% pastured, all natural and forage fed. We alternate weekly deliveries, so feel free to call the shop to see what’s in and what is coming soon!


Friends & Farms

Beef - Blooming Prairie Natural Beef - Blooming Prairie MN

Butter - Hope Creamery - Hope, MN

Dairy - Castle Rock Organic Farms - Osseo, WI

Charcuterie - Red Table Meat Co. - Minneapolis, MN

Charcuterie - Underground Meats - Madison, WI

Lamb - O'Neill Family Farm - Rushford, MN

Goat - Geneva Meats - Geneva, MN

Red Wattle Pork - Pork & Plants - Altura, MN

Berkshire Pork - Harmony Neighbors - Harmony, MN


Amish Raised Berkshire or Organic Raised Red Wattle - skin-on - with a fat cap like most have never seen. We receive hogs weekly, and have just about anything you could ask for - heads, skin-on shoulders or bellies, frenched rib roasts, or country style ribs, the list goes on.

Bi-weekly deliveries from Wild Acres in Pequot Lakes, MN - you’ll recognize the name on several menus around town, but it’s because it is the best. Whole duck, roasting hens, turkey, quail, pheasant or cornish hens - we’ll have it or can get it for you.

Made fresh in-house weekly - with over 40 rotating recipes - all our sausages are from scratch and handmade. We love learning about traditions and seasonal favorites, and we’re always looking for new additions. Call the shop - or stop in to see what is in the case, or on our prep list.

Broth, Stock, and Fats:
All stock is house-made with fresh bones, mirepoix, and aromatics. Fats are rendered specific to their qualities: tallow, duck fat, and leaf lard are staples in our cooler.




Lowry Hill Meats
1934 Hennepin Avenue
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10am - 7pm :: Mon-Fri
9am - 6pm  :: Sat & Sun