Here is an example of seasonal offerings we can prepare for pick-up or delivery.


party platters


An assortment of Lowry Hill, Red Table, & Underground Meats charcuterie, pickled vegetables, mustard, olives, toast.

PICNIC     serves 4-5 people         $50

SMALL     serves 10-15 people       $85

MEDIUM   serves 25-30 people     $175

LARGE      serves 45-50 people    $300


An assortment of artisan cheeses with fruit, nuts & bread.

PICNIC      serves 4-5 people         $50

SMALL      serves 10-15 people      $100

MEDIUM    serves 25-30 people    $200


An assortment of Lowry Hill, Red Table & Underground Meats charcuterie, artisan cheeses, pickles, olives, nuts, fruit & toast.

PICNIC     serves 4-5 people        $50

SMALL     serves 10-15 people     $100  

MEDIUM   serves 25-30 people   $225

LARGE     serves 45-50 people   $350

Sandwich Platters

An assorted LHM-featured & seasonal sandwiches $9/person

add 1 side $11/person
add 2 sides $13/person

Roasted vegetable platter

Fresh and Roasted Vegetables, Sea salt, Chimichurri, and fresh herbs

Slider Platter

Your choice of

-Roast Beef with fresh Horseradish

-Pulled Pork and Shaved Cabbage

-Turkey with Watercress and Aioli

-Breakfast Radish with Sea Salt and Hope Butter.

Served on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls          2 sliders per guest

Canape platter

Shaved radish with pesto, or tapenade

Shaved salami, or rillette

Chevre and figs, or Farmstead cheese & pickles

GOUGÈRES                                         Small Baked Savory Cheese Pastries   $4/person


price accounts for 2 canapes per person


brunch platters

Assorted cheese & salami platter

Variety of artisan cheese, salami, dried fruit, preserves, nuts and bread
$45 small
$80 large

smoked fish & pickled herring

Smoked salmon, pickled herring, rye crackers and creme fraiche
$35 small
$65 large

honey & rye pastries

Ham and cheese croissants, scones, and other daily offerings
$3.50 each

please allow 48 hour notice

Lowry hill meats bacon & sausage

Cooked bacon and house made sausage


Danish puffed pancakes, served with fresh fruit

breakfast sandwiches

Ham, Bacon, or Egg on  a House-made English Muffin with, House-made American Cheese, an Organic Egg, and Cry Baby Craig's Hot Sauce


Deviled eggs

Organic eggs, garnished with smoked paprika and sea salt

$9/half dozen

from the roaster

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

Smoked Brisket

House made Sausages

includes two sides



-Seasonal greens salad with fennel vinaigrette

-Heirloom grains with roasted vegetable & fresh herbs

-Traditional potato salad with Mustard and Dill

- Cabbage slaw with cider vinegar

- House-made Cornbread

cookie Platter


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