Here is an example of seasonal offerings we can prepare for pick-up or delivery.


Savory platters


An assortment of Lowry Hill, Red Table, & Underground Meats charcuterie, pickled vegetables, mustard, olives, toast.

PICNIC     serves 4-5 people         $50

SMALL     serves 10-15 people       $85

MEDIUM   serves 25-30 people     $175

LARGE     serves 45-50 people    $300


An assortment of artisan cheeses with fruit, nuts & bread.

PICNIC     serves 4-5 people         $50

SMALL     serves 10-15 people      $100

MEDIUM   serves 25-30 people    $200


An assortment of Lowry Hill, Red Table & Underground Meats charcuterie, artisan cheeses, pickles, olives, nuts, fruit & toast.

PICNIC     serves 4-5 people        $50

SMALL     serves 10-15 people     $100

MEDIUM   serves 25-30 people   $225

LARGE     serves 45-50 people   $350

Sandwich Platters

An assorted LHM-featured & seasonal sandwiches $9/person

add 1 side $11/person
add 2 sides $13/person

Roasted vegetable platter

Fresh and Roasted Vegetables, Sea salt, Chimichurri, and fresh herbs

Slider Platter

Your choice of:

-Roast Beef with fresh Horseradish

-Pulled Pork and Shaved Cabbage

-Turkey with Watercress and Aioli

-Shaved Radish with Sea Salt, Watercress and Hope Butter.

Served on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls         
$5/person (2 slider/person)

Gabe’s Butcher Shop Focaccia

House baked focaccia topped with tomato confit, onion, garlic, fresh herbs and salami.

Each Pie is 12” x 9”, super thick and serves 8 - 12 people

$25/ pie  

Sandwich platters
& Sides

honey & rye pastries

Ham and cheese croissants, scones, and other daily offerings
$3.75 each

please allow 48 hour notice

Lowry hill meats bacon & Breakfast sausage

Cooked bacon and house made sausage


Savory bake Cheese Pate a Choux



Danish puffed pancakes, served with fresh fruit


breakfast sandwiches

Ham, Bacon, or Egg on  a House-made English Muffin with House-made American Cheese, an Organic Egg, and Cry Baby Craig's Hot Sauce


Deviled eggs

Organic eggs, garnished with smoked paprika and sea salt

$12/half dozen (6 pieces)

Cookie Platter

Butcher Shop Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies



Season Green Salad with Fennel Vinaigrette and toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Heirloom Grain salad with Roasted Vegetables and Fresh Herbs (Gluten free is available with the substitute of heirloom beans)

Potato Salad with Aioli and Stoneground Mustard

Butcher Shop made Cornbread


from the roaster

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

Smoked Brisket

House made Sausages

includes two sides, pickles, mustard, and rolls

Taco Bar!

Choose 2 proteins, and we’ll serve it with all the rest of the goods: fresh and pickled vegetables, tomato and tomatillo salsas, corn tortillas, chips, guac, cotija, crema, beans & rice.

Choose from Ancho Rubbed Brisket, Chicken Verde, or Roasted Pork Shoulder *bell peppers and onions upon request


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72 for large orders.

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