Upcoming Events


Hog Butchery Class

Interested in whole hog butcher? That's what we do - and we'd love for you to join us!

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Fresh Sausage Making Class

Let us invite you into our shop, and teach you the techniques it take to make your own fresh sausage.


Fermentation Class with Topos Ferments November 17th

Join us for a special evening with Jim Bovino of Topos Ferments and learn the art of fermentation. This will be a hands on class where you'll learn the basics of salt ratios and patience, and you'll take home some fruits of your labor and watch it turn into your own vegetable ferment!. We'll also have a lively discussion about resilient food systems and the role of fermentation in a cold climate.

The class will be held at 7pm on Saturday November 17th, and will last roughly 90 minutes. Light snacks along with beverage and samples will be provided.